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Julia discovered yoga beyond its physical practice which has led her to a personal transformation. She received her RYT-200 certification in September 2012. “Yoga practice has taught me to be more present.”

Julia teaches yoga for relaxation at yoga studios,wellness and fitness centers, assisted livings, businesses, and private homes.

Julia resides in Springboro. She has a BS degree in business from Niagara University and MS in Organizational Communication from Canisius College, Buffalo, NY.

She has had various jobs but her passion is promoting wellness through yoga and healthy eating. You may contact Julia or 937-286-2624

Try the Ancient Healing Art of Thai Bodywork!

Imagine your spine lengthening, your hips opening, your shoulders releasing, all without you doing a thing. This is the bliss of a Thai Bodywork.

What is Thai Bodywork?

The main focus of Thai Bodywork is to restore the balance in the flow of energy (Prana, Chi) in the body. This is achieved by stimulating the Sen lines (meridians unique to Thai massage) running throughout the body. It is a full body massage, working on muscles, ligaments, joints and connective tissues, and it touches all areas of the body including the nervous, digestive and respiratory systems.

Benefits of Thai Bodywork

Thai Bodywork offers the combined benefits of yoga therapy and massage. Clients often report feeling completely relaxed, but also energized. Thai Massage improves circulation, relieves muscular tension, strengthens the immune system, and energetically balances the body, all while inducing a calm mental state. Thai Bodywork has long been considered as a healing therapy for the mind and spirit.

How Is It Performed

Thai Bodywork is performed on the floor while you are fully clothed. You will experience an amazing combination of passive yoga-like stretches along with palming and thumbing along Sen lines. Thai Bodywork also includes various techniques like pressing and stretching of muscles, all of which stimulate blood flow and restore the flow of energy through the body. Your Thai Bodywork can be customized to your own special needs – whether you want to relax and release stress, want special attention to specific areas in your body (shoulders, back, hips etc.) or want a strong full body massage that targets all the muscle groups in the body. There is no yoga experience required. Anyone can benefit from Thai Bodywork! You do not have to be flexible and it can be adapted to any level. Many first time experiencers of Thai Yoga Massage say, “I need to have this done every week!”

If you want bodywork that will exercise and relax your body as well as heals on a spiritual and physical level… give Thai Yoga Massage a try.

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Don’t take my word for it. Read client testimonials below.

“Julia took a small town, low attendance yoga class to a thriving and continually expanding yoga studio. Her captivating and magnetic personality radiate love and compassion that keep her participants coming back and asking for more. Her classes are well thought out, easy to follow, and well adapted for the beginner to advanced yogi. She brings not only her yoga expertise, but she is very business minded and continually expanding her own knowledge base to become an example and teacher of holistic living. Julie is a ray of sunshine at Sunshine Therapeutics..
Julia accommodates all levels of experience and fitness levels. She makes everyone feel welcome and always expresses a positive attitude. She provides a wide variety of classes and makes each one fun and challenging.
Monday night yoga with Julia is the highlight of my week! Every week is something different, leaves your feeling so relaxed. It is addictive and leaves me alive and flexible 
Monday Group
I love the personal yoga with Julia. Not only does it help me to de-stress from the stresses of daily life, but it has improved my core strength, flexibility and overall health. I highly recommend Julia and her yoga practice for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and wellness.
Starting a day with Julia’s Heart Opening Yoga class at our retreat in Grayville, OH brings about the perfect place of beginning… a beginning in the journey to self.
“Absolutely Superb! I wish Julia lived in CT!
“Absolutely wonderful! Great stretching, clearly explained, encouraging and peaceful. Wish Julia could be here for another week!”
Ingrid Langhorst, VH Hotels & Resorts
“Very relaxing and calming practise! Good modifications and instructions provided for poses and transitions.”
First time doing yoga on the beach and it was amazing! Good variety of moves, good explanations,loved the bill!
Isabelle Wagner, VH Hotels & Resorts

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