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Alignment Matters

Learn nutritious movement patterns that will help you transition from a sedentary life style to continue

being more active, fit and moving well.

Did you know that many diseases, and what we consider to be a normal part of aging, may actually have a mechanical cause? That means that the way you habitually move and use your body could be contributing to your osteoporosis, your painful joints, your pelvic floor disorder, or even your cardiovascular disease. The good news is, that by changing the way you move, you can stop the progression of many diseases and start the process of healing.

Restorative Exercise™ is a health promoting movement program designed to help you learn to move your body the way it was designed, in a biologically optimal way. It is an exercise program that will help you restore your muscles to their appropriate length, improve your circulation, minimize wear and tear on your joints, and repair damage to your entire body.

Restorative exercise™ is an alignment based movement program developed by biomechanist, Katy Bowman, MS. Restorative Exercise™ was created using principles from biology, geometry, physics, engineering and applying them to the human body. Each exercise was designed to support the natural function of the body, and to help you develop the strength and flexibility which is vital to your health.

By learning how to incorporate whole body alignment into your daily life, you can start decreasing your pain and increasing your health today.

Restorative Exercise can help you:
Move without pain
Reduce wear and tear on joints
Recover from injury or surgery
Develop stronger bones
Achieve a healthy body weight
Increase overall wellbeing

Private Sessions available: $65 for a 75 minute session
Address your specific needs and movement patterns with individualized care.

I offer Skype sessions if you do not live in the Dayton area!


You’ll Learn

Moving throughout the day
Ready for change?
Move More, Move Well

What are the exercises like?

Restorative Exercise™ is a mix of muscle lengthening stretches, muscle strengthening exercises, and self observation. The exercises are built around you being able to support your own body weight, rather than lifting additional weights or using any type of machine. The program helps you figure out what areas of your body are too tight or weak, and to monitor your own movement habits which may contribute to your health problems. Using our 25 point alignment system, you can see where your body currently is, and where your body should be. Through regular practice of the exercises, you can learn to move your body the way it was designed to be moved, and stop moving in a way that is harmful to your body.

It’s taught in a similar style to yoga and physical therapy, with some key differences. Restorative Exercise™ is designed to help you regain functional and natural movement that supports whole body wellness. Each movement affects the whole body, so while you’re working on your knees, your hips, feet and back will all benefit from the same exercises. There are easy to follow parameters and guidelines which prevent you from going past your physical limitations and injuring yourself.

What is a Restorative Exercise™ session like?

In our first session I will ask you about your physical health and if there are any specific health issues that you would like to address. Then I will assess your range of motion and strength by asking you to do a few simple movements (like bending over toward your toes or standing on one foot). When I get a better idea of how your body is functioning I’ll teach you some stretching and strengthening exercises, and we’ll practice them together. We’ll talk about your habits and lifestyle, and how they are impacting your health. We’ll even weed out all those pesky postural habits that can be damaging to your body. As we move through sessions together, I will continue to assess your mobility and motor skills as I teach you more advanced exercises. I will also show you how to incorporate all of these new movements into your everyday life so you’ll be moving your whole body and increasing your health all day long. No extra gym time needed!

Why is it right for me?

Even if you’re never been to a gym, never gone for a run, or can’t remember the last time you went for a walk, that’s ok. If you’re differently abled, have a hip replacement or limited mobility, no problem. We start at your level doing exercises you’re comfortable with and we move forward at your pace. The exercises can be modified to fit your abilities and your own personal goals. The program isn’t about getting you to a point where you can do 20 pushups or run a marathon, it’s about getting your body working the way that it is designed to work, and making sure you’re not contributing to your own health problems by reinforcing the same habits.

Call me to schedule a free 30 minutes session, 937-286-2624
What do I need for a session?

You will need to dress comfortably, wear something you can move around in easily (if you’re coming from work, bring some comfy gym clothes) and keep in mind that we will usually work barefoot, if you’re comfortable with it. You can bring your own yoga mat if you like, but it’s not a necessity. I also ask that all sessions be paid for prior to, or at the start of a session.

The Restorative Exercise™ Program consists of several one on one sessions that teach you corrective exercises and nutritious body movement techniques that help you minimize wear and tear on the joints.

Change the way you move
With Restorative Exercise™
Restricted Areas Explored

Healthy Feet Practitioner

Foot pain can prevent you from doing all the things you love to do. Vacations, hiking, shopping, exercise, or even just day-to-day tasks (and independent living) can become impossible with chronic foot pain. You don’t have to live with it, and there are lots of ways to fix your foot pain that don’t involve drugs or surgery.

Come in and start learning how to get your feet healthy and pain-free. We’ll talk about how the feet work, and what you need to do to keep them in their best condition. We’ll look at how shoes affect the health of not only your feet but your entire body, and how to choose footwear that’s right for you. I’ll show you some great exercises for your feet, and I’ll give you some tips on what to avoid so you can keep your feet pain-free and working properly. Often it’s just a matter of choosing the right shoes and adjusting the way you stand!

Whether it’s flat feet, bunions, corns, painful calluses, bone spurs, clawed toes, migrating toes, one toe moved under another, plantar fasciitis, or just general foot pain, try out these non-invasive techniques to get you comfortably back on your feet again.

You also may want to consider booking a session or two if you want to transition to minimal or barefoot styled footwear, or if you want to ditch your orthotics. Years of wearing stiff shoes cause the foot muscles to atrophy, so jumping into a pair of barefoot shoes or throwing out your orthotics cold turkey can be hard to get used to (even painful or damaging) without a training program to get those foot muscles back in working order.

Book as an individual private session, or book with a friend or two for special pricing. Host a Healthy Foot party for your friends! We can meet up at My Pilates Studio in Centerville, or I can come to your house so you can stay in your pyjamas. Email me at jlammyoga@gmail.com or give me a call at 937-286-2624.



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