Article: My Yoga Adventure in Paris

My Yoga Adventure in Paris

While I was on my European vacation and wandering around Paris, I came across a sign about yoga posted at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. The sign was in French and the only translation I was able to make – September 1st, which was the next day. I was […]

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Welcome to Mobile Blooming Wellness!

Welcome to Mobile Blooming Wellness’s First Blog Post!

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Meet Your Feet – Free Up Your Toes – Part 4

Want mobile feet? Start introducing low and controlled loads to the feet that will mobilize the muscles and joints within them. There are 33 joints and 26 bones in each foot – they want to move and experience varied terrain. There are about 200,000 nerves in the feet and their job is to send […]

Meet Your Feet – Part 3 – Maaaaaasage You know you Knead it

Self-Care For Wellness Tool – Self-Massage

My favorite Self-Care For Wellness Tool – YTU ball massage for the feet. It feels SOOOO GOOD. Try it with me – watch my video. I would love to hear your feedback. How does the ball massage feel for your feet? Are your feet ready to experience sensational feelings? […]

Part 2 – Where have your feet carried you?

Appreciate Your Feet – They deserve your loving

I love when my feet take me through distances and weather changes – making my way from Dayton, Oh to Cancun, Mexico – packing, driving, walking through airports and customs, and finally to the beach. Thank you MY FEET! Ha,,, best reward for my feet is to […]


Welcome to my journey of Alignment Makeover for a Pain-Free Body
that starts with the FEET. 
Thousands of years ago, we had NO shoes but we had our feet. Our feet did just fine walking on many rough surfaces: stones, sand, grass, dirt, logs, and etc. We could confidently declare that our FEET used to […]


Upper Body Tension

In my alignment-based workshop for the upper body, we had a homework to create awareness of how much we use our Upper Trapezius and Levator Scapula muscles in every day activities. We usually feel the tension right on top of the shoulder just to the side of the neck. Take a moment to touch […]

Final Retreat Schedule on October 8-11th in Paragon, IN

Exciting times are coming. Join us for a yoga retreat – the one and only in 2015.

The payment is due September 30th.

Finding my Voice

I started my yoga practice with Ashtanga yoga. I did not have much awareness of my body or how it should be moving in the safest way. My body was experiencing repetitive stress injuries. Going back, I understand that I am hypermobile in my body and I was just “hanging” in my flexibility as […]

Yoga Retreat October 2015

You asked and we listened.

The first and ONLY YOGA RETREAT October 8-11th, 2015 You can come for all 4 days or choose three, two, or one day to give yourself a break.


Align from the Ground Up

Feet Feet Feet – Foundation of our whole body alignment. We need to have healthy feet to carry in the most balanced way through walking, running, standing and playing sports. When was the last time you did something great for your feet or strengthened intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the feet? Are you confused? […]

Nutritious Walking Gait

We are on Week 4 of our Healthy Feet Workshop at Happy Life Fitness in Lebanon. Our topic is Nutritious Walking – just like with food – some food is more nutritious than others – there are certain components to Nutritious Walking. Component #1 – Heel to Toe Walking Gait that makes a smooth […]