You are invited to join Julia on a journey of self-discovery.
Plant a seed for discovering a healthier way of moving, thinking and being and watch it bloom.

Inspiration – Blooming Wellness

Yoga is a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. Julia discovered that her obstacles to achieving true happiness were both “Type A” personality and a driving need for success.

As a new yoga student, Julia remembers skipping the relaxation portion, “Shavasana,” for years during each yoga class until she discovered the true meaning of the practice beyond the physical. For her, every pose has become a journey into self-discovery.

One of the yoga Sutras says – “a pose is perfect when all the efforts are relaxed.” This takes a tremendous mind shift for most new students to yoga, especially those that have “Type A” personalities.

Julia planted her seed, committed to nourishing it and observing it bloom into a beautiful and grounded tree.

Who Is Mobile Blooming Wellness

Our Mission
The Blooming Philosophy
The Blooming Promise
Confused? Disappointed? Stressed?

Are You Ready for a Change?

Ever ask yourself: How do I grow? What fruit do I bear? What do I reach for in my life?

Do I allow time and effort for growth?

This is an opportunity to look deeply into your soul and draw, paint, or write your own blooming tree of wellness.

  • Try a Private Yoga Session to acquire customized techniques for relaxing the mind and building a flexible body
  • Experience the healing benefits of Thai Yoga Massage
  • Experiment with healthy recipes
  • Learn wellness tips through the online Dr. Sears course

Meet Julia

Julia Lamm
Julia LammYoga Instructor
“If you can breath, you can do yoga!”.
Julia Lamm
Julia LammThai Yoga Massage Practitioner
Every vital part of the human body,  from the heart to the lungs, needs good air flow to function well, and Thai massage is aimed at stimulating these air vessels in the body” – Nucharee Weerawan.
Julia Lamm
Julia LammWellness Coach
“No one is in charge of your health except you.”.

Here’s What Happy Clients Say

“I just had yet another amazing meditation experience using your love heart opening meditation you sent me and I realized that I had never sent you a huge THANK YOU for sending it to me. It has been such a blessing for me. It is hard to put into words how healing it has been for me. Each time I’ve used it, I have understood myself on a deeper level and it is so wonderful getting to know me. I love you and appreciate you so much.
Teresa, Client
“Julia took a small town, low attendance yoga class to a thriving and continually expanding yoga studio. Her captivating and magnetic personality radiate love and compassion that keep her participants coming back and asking for more. Her classes are well thought out, easy to follow, and well adapted for the beginner to advanced yogi. She brings not only her yoga expertise, but she is very business minded and continually expanding her own knowledge base to become an example and teacher of holistic living. Julie is a ray of sunshine at Sunshine Therapeutics..
“Julia accommodates all levels of experience and fitness levels. She makes everyone feel welcome and always expresses a positive attitude. She provides a wide variety of classes and makes each one fun and challenging.
“Monday night yoga with Julia is the highlight of my week! Every week is something different, leaves your feeling so relaxed. It is addictive and leaves me alive and flexible
“Absolutely Superb! I wish Julia lived in CT!
“Absolutely wonderful! Great stretching, clearly explained, encouraging and peaceful. Wish
Julia could be here for another week!”
Ingrid Langhorst, VH Hotels & Resorts
“Very relaxing and calming practise! Good modifications and instructions provided for poses and transitions.”
First time doing yoga on the beach and it was amazing! Good variety of moves, good explanations,loved the bill!
Isabelle Wagner, VH Hotels & Resorts
I love the personal yoga with Julia. Not only does it help me to de-stress from the stresses of daily life, but it has improved my core strength, flexibility and overall health. I highly recommend Julia and her yoga practice for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and wellness.
Starting a day with Julia’s Heart Opening Yoga class at our retreat in Grayville, OH brings about the perfect place of beginning… a beginning in the journey to self.

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