Julia loves a mindful approach to the movement potential in yoga. After her own injuries and journey of restoration, she has become passionate about body movement as a therapeutic tool. Julia has taken multiple workshops and certifications to enrich her knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, functional movement and alignment. Her outlook on yoga, fitness and movement has become more focused and mindful to instill stability, strength and promote proper function of body movements. She loves watching people move to see opportunities for enhancement of their functional capacity. Her inspiring teachers include: Katy Bowman, Jill Miller, Jules Mitchell, Gary Ward, Joanne Elphinston, Gray Cook and many others. Julia’s yoga teaching has become a blend of various modalities to prevent a risk for injury and instill strength and stability in the body that functions well.

Julia believes that we all should be accountable for the outcomes that we want to experience in our body. Sometimes it may require life style changes that become our long-term “Life Style Medicine” meaning it is not a prescription for a period of time.

Julia shares her feeling better in her body in her 40s than she was ever in her 30s. Who said that our body fails with age? Perhaps, we as operators fail our body’s blooming potential to serve us well. Being accountable takes responsibility and investment in the right tools and personalized guidance.

Are you ready to invest in You and Your Body?

Are you ready to become accountable for the outcomes you want to experience in your body ?

Are you ready to take control of how well and how often you want to move when you retire?

Julia is passionate about educating and promoting benefits of fitness, yoga, functional movement and restorative exercises to empower her clients with a personalized plan, efficient tools, and knowledge so they are responsible to create their own “Life Style Medicine” transition.

Plant a seed! Take accountability for nourishing it! Enjoy the blooming fruits for many years!

Julia’s beliefs and Clients

Julia believes in a personalized approach to movement and yoga practice. Julia’s observational skills and abilities are well-suited for private sessions. In her sessions, she can assess her client’s movement patterns to identify compensations.  “In our Personalized Movement sessions, we are restoring one’s body one movement at a time. It requires personal attention and patience.” Julia’s clients include: yoga & pilates practitioners, golf and tennis players, runners, “active” adults, and office workers. My client is anyone who has a body that experiences some “normal” discomforts such as wrist and neck tension, “tennis” elbow, immobile feet, pelvic floor and core weakness, and etc…. “I do not fix “that thing” but I help your body restore its optimal alignment and instill functional movement patterns through Restorative Exercises to create environment for positive changes and self-healing.” Wellness requires whole body participation and life style change.


Julia believes in education and ongoing research to uncover deeper understanding of body mechanics and functional movement.

  • Certified Yoga Tune Up Instructor with Jill Miller
  • RYT-200 with the Yoga Alliance
  • Restorative Yoga training with Gail Spirit
  • Yoga as Therapy training with Doug Keller
  • Restorative Exercise Specialist with Nutritious Movement with Katy Bowman
  • Thai Yoga Massage training with Anthony Conrad
  • Niagara University – BS in International Business
  • Toastmasters International, DTM
  • Canisius College – MS in Organizational Communication

Julia Lamm

Julia Lamm
Julia LammThai Yoga Massage Practitioner
“If you can breath, you can do yoga!”..

My Inspiration

Yoga is a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. Julia discovered that her obstacles to achieving true happiness were both “Type A” personality and a driving need for success.
Julias Journey

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