Want mobile feet? Start introducing low and controlled loads to the feet that will mobilize the muscles and joints within them. There are 33 joints and 26 bones in each foot – they want to move and experience varied terrain. There are about 200,000 nerves in the feet and their job is to send signals into your central nervous system so you can constantly and unconsciously adjust your body’s alignment. Since our feet have been adapted to flat and level vitamin, they need to be mobilized and prepared for unstable surfaces if you go hiking. Balance, pelvic stability and posture are all heavily influenced by sensory information from the foot. When the foot is stiff and rigid, it loses its ability to “listen” to the surfaces it walks on so its role in balance and stability is diminished. Each toe just like each finger, has its own set of muscles that allow it to function independently. Every muscle has its own nerve supply that, when activated, keeps that area of the body well nourished. Most of the time our toes are squished in the shoes and do not have an opportunity to move. The big toes needs to flex to about 60 degrees in the efficient walking gait. Watch the video and try it. Mobile toes activate the same muscles that are required for arch support. Take your TOES TO A PARTY!

Test the rigidity of your feet:

Take a look at your stance foot when standing on one leg. Are the tendons on the tops of your feet and front of your ankles markedly visible? Are your toes curling under or lifting off the floor? Is your ankle making small adjustments while your foot maintains its broad floor contact as it should be, or is your whole foot rocking from side to side? If you close your eyes, does your foot narrow and tighten? If so, you many to commit to a regular feet massage with YTU therapy balls and continue toe mobilization practices.

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