Self-Care For Wellness Tool – Self-Massage

My favorite Self-Care For Wellness Tool – YTU ball massage for the feet. It feels SOOOO GOOD. Try it with me – watch my video. I would love to hear your feedback. How does the ball massage feel for your feet? Are your feet ready to experience sensational feelings? We are used to flat and level but our feet are designed to sense various and random changes in the surface. Our feet can continue being supples when they feel different objects. After wearing shoes for our entire lives, stepping on objects feels excruciating. When I teach my Healthy Feet Workshop, the common feedback receive: “I have not realized how tense and sensitive my feet are.”

Because the foot is often held against a flat, unchanging surface in the shoe, many muscles of the feet are not encouraged to work. Stepping on surfaces that vary in size and shape is what keeps joints mobile. Free Up Your Soles by stepping up on the ball. The more you explore the soles of the feet with a rounded surface, the more you will gently stretch muscles and move joints in a way that is completely unique and novel, while completely natural!
Helpful Tips: If your feet are very stiff, start working your feet on the ball while sitting down. Sitting reduces how much wight is over the ball, which reduces the pressure. Once you notice improvement, you can increase the pressure by standing.
Ballawesome massage for your feet every morning Self-Care Tip – I have a pair of YTU balls underneath my dining room table. Every morning, while I am having breakfast, I massage my feet while sitting on the chair and enjoying my breakfast. I use simple strokes of moving the ball up and down my feet.

If you are interested in purchasing the YTU balls, please contact me directly – or use my affiliate link below. Enjoy your Ballwesome feet.