Appreciate Your Feet – They deserve your loving

I love when my feet take me through distances and weather changes – making my way from Dayton, Oh to Cancun, Mexico – packing, driving, walking through airports and customs, and finally to the beach. Thank you MY FEET! Ha,,, best reward for my feet is to feel the soft, gentle, sinking sand with a splash of warm water. And then, take a walk on the beach – my feet are tired after one hour of walking on the beach? Meet my greatest self-care tool –

YTU therapy balls – Stay tune for Part 3

Thank you for all your responses to my first post. Here is the summary of the answers:

Where have your feet carried You?

Ancient churches and palaces
Play grounds in the park
To bed and my own backyard
Up and down the steps in my own house
Hiking in beautiful parks
Through airports all over the world
To grocery stores, coffee shops, post office and mail box
To my client’s homes and workshops
To parties, weddings, and funerals
To walk the dog
To mountains and hills
To play golf, tennis, volleyball, and basketball – To do yoga and simply move
To colleges, universities, and other trainings
To see my friends in various destinations
Clearly, what will we do and how will we feel if one of our foot is not feeling well, if one of our toe is not functioning to its fullest? Our life will change. We will feel measurably restricted in our movement, in our life, in our activities, in our expressions, ?????…..