Welcome to my journey of Alignment Makeover for a Pain-Free Body

that starts with the FEET. 

Thousands of years ago, we had NO shoes but we had our feet. Our feet did just fine walking on many rough surfaces: stones, sand, grass, dirt, logs, and etc. We could confidently declare that our FEET used to be stronger, tougher, and more masculine. They did the work they were intended to do: they were sending communication signals to the brain through their soles so the brain could interpret the structure of the surfaces. The soles of the feet have about 200,000 nerves – this is the most dense area of the nerve concentration.

NOW, Outsourcing is the plan for many activities of our life. We like to outsource the work of our feet to the protective, solid, and supported shoes. You will hear more about the shoes in the FEET series.

Feet Facts:

The human foot has:

26 bones

33 joints

107 ligaments

19 muscles (when was the last time you used them all?)

A pair of feet has 250,000 sweat glands, which can excrete as much as a half-pint of moisture a day.

Feet are magnificent, complicated, individualized works of art! They are intricate puzzles that dazzle the eye and blow the mind! Feet are important and they need our loving. Do not be hard on your feet. Cherish your feet! Our feet are our primary way of moving our bodies across the earth.

Where have your feet carried you? – I am looking forward to your replies.

Stay tune for Part 2.