I started my yoga practice with Ashtanga yoga. I did not have much awareness of my body or how it should be moving in the safest way. My body was experiencing repetitive stress injuries. Going back, I understand that I am hypermobile in my body and I was just “hanging” in my flexibility as I was moving from pose to pose in a fast-paced environment. Weight bearing poses such as Down Dog, palnk and Chaturanga were slowly damaging my body causing a repetitive stress on the joints. My mind was not challenged during this flowy practice. Can you relate? I transitioned to a gentler approach in yoga: yin, restorative, and gentle. I started to pay attention to my body and how it is transitioning from pose to pose in a slow paced class. I was also noticing my aches and pains throughout the day. I was feeling discomfort particularly in my upper body and my breath. I was also receiving intuitive messages about exploring body alignment. I did not know what body alignment was but I knew it would require learning some body anatomy. I was terrified of anatomy for years. However, I started to ease into the idea that it would help me understand my body and help my students to understand theirs.

I stumbled upon Yoga Tune Up (YTU) also known as Tune Up Fitness Worldwide founded by Jill Miller. Using a distinctive set of corrective exercises, poses, and specialized techniques, YTU playfully moves the body in a safe, effective way. This is so much more than traditional yoga. Yet, one of the things I appreciate most about YTU is how it breaks down the nuts and bolts of human movement using a yogic lens of awareness, conscious relaxation and proper breathing techniques.

I just returned from an amazing one week training with Jill Miller at Kripalu, MA. Every day, we learned, experienced, breathed, and embodied anatomy in our bodies. Every day, my body was re-setting and re-adjusting and my mind was re-aligning along with my body. I came to training with a lot of discomfort in my upper body but I left feeling taller and stronger. I was feeling empowered. The challenge now is to find my voice to communicate to the students what I learned and make them feel empowered in their own bodies. I am on a journey – it is invigorating and exciting. I love doing my YTU work every day because it feels amazing when I move my body as it was designed to be moved biomechanically. My upper body is feeling more stable, stronger, and empowered for weight bearing poses if I choose to experience them. In my training, I also learned so much about breath from various angles and anatomy of breathing. It was a revelation of how much I was not aware about my breathing.

The body is amazing! Let’s treat our bodies intelligently because this is the only body we have. We cannot return it to the store for a great refund.

Join me your journey of reclaiming your strong and supple body

Alignment-based Classes

Roll and Restore class every Tuesday 5:30pm-6:30pm at My Pilates Studio in Centervielle – www.mypilatesstudiodayton.com

Yoga Tune Up class 9:30am-10:30am every Tuesday and Thursday in Lebanon, Happy Life Fitness – www.happylifefitness.net

Specialized Workshops

Align from Ground Up – Take Care of Your Feet every Saturday in September 10am-12pm at Bella Soul in Miamisburg – www.bellasoulstudio.squarespace.com

Tune Up Your Neck and Shoulders for Holidays on December 12th at 10am at Day Yoga Studio  – www.dayyogastudio.com

Strong and Supple Core on January 16th at 10am at Day Yoga Studio -www.dayyogastudio.com

Yoga Retreat – What It Means To Be Awake – October 8th – 11th at Ellis Lake Retreat, Paragon, IN

Private Sessions are always welcome!!!!

Alignment requires whole body participation!