We are on Week 4 of our Healthy Feet Workshop at Happy Life Fitness in Lebanon. Our topic is Nutritious Walking – just like with food – some food is more nutritious than others – there are certain components to Nutritious Walking. Component #1 – Heel to Toe Walking Gait that makes a smooth transition of the pelvis while walking. It requires your foot to move through 4 points – Heel strike, Foot Flat, Heel off and Toe off. You can achieve this walking gait by starting to point your feet forward. Are your feet steering ahead or to the sides?

If you do not begin with a heel while walking, it means you cannot use your posterior muscles of the leg to propel your forward, which means you do not have the natural strength you should have in your gluteal muscles, which means weak pelvic floor muscles too. 

Nutritious Walking Gait