Are we leaning forward as a nation? Do you recognize yourself in one of these pictures? Our leaning forward posture reflects our current condition. And what conditions would those be? Knee and hip osteoarthritis. Osteoporosis. Low-back pain. Low metabolism. Bone spurs. Torn meniscus. Foot pain. We could go on and on. Did you know that Osteoarthritis is not an autoimmune disease like regular arthritis which means a joint inflames for no reason. Osteoarthritis is the damage caused by user-induced friction of the joint. The good news is that the user can make a change! Aligning the body to its vertical axes should be a priority.

Our pelvis has a lot to do with our center of gravity, so by pressing it forward or over the toes, we are putting constant pressure on the front of the hip joint. Continuously sending our weight forward requires our hip flexors and quadriceps to work nonstop to keep us from falling forward, slowly wearing away the cartilage and fraying the tendons and ligaments in both the hip and knee joints. Our feet are also victims of our forward placed pelvis. Our toes are constantly gripping the ground to keep the body weight from continuing too far forward. With the pelvis placed forward, the hamstrings are passively tightening helping our over-tensed psoas to tuck the pelvis under causing compression in lower back. We can summarize all of that by this simple formula developed by Katy Bowman, MS:

User + Gait + Tight Muscles = Friction = Heat = Joint Damage

If you take this misaligned body for a walk, you will cause more tear and wear to the joints of knee, feet, hips, and lower back. Just like food – some is more nutritious than others, walking is no difference – some walking is more nutritious than others. What is your walk?