When we have physical pain, we go to a doctor, he gives us a pill. We get addicted to the pill and its side effects. Then we come back for a different pill because the first one stops working in a little while.

When we have emotional pain, what do we do?

– we shut down

– ignore it

– deny it

– hoping it will go away if we eat something, or drink, or….

Why do we do that? Perhaps, because we are scared to deal with it and there is no pill that gives instant relief. It takes a long time to deal with the emotional pain. We do not have time! I think that the emotional pain makes us slow down, pause, reflect, and feel our body, feel our emotions, and feel our pain. However, we are not used to pause. When we do, we experience fear because it is not the state we have been accustomed to. Fear paralyzes us and this paralysis leads us to change because we cannot exist paralyzed. Our awareness that change is necessary causes actions that are essential for healing paralysis.

Our new change becomes our long-lasting pill and we play a doctor by implementing the change prescribing only the doses that we can handle depending on a day and our state of mind. The only side effect you can experience from this approach is NEW YOU! From this point on, YOUR NEW YOU leads to new relationships and new quality of life. Guess what, we have just created a new and improved pill – a quality of Life pill. We can embrace life. We can embrace ourselves! Do not be afraid to create change and face emotional pain. – Jewels