Toe Spreading with Hands vs. Toe Spreading with Happy Feet Socks

“Toe bone connects to the foot bone – Foot bone connects to the leg bone – Leg bone connects to the knee bone….”

When people come to their first yoga class, they get confused, surprised, and puzzled as we instruct them to spread their toes in the Mountain pose and many other standing poses. Spreading toes is one of the most fundamental functions that we lose touch of because we wear shoes all the time. Our toes are designed to do similar functions as our fingers do. Try to wear mittens  24/7 for year? Also, our gait (posture and walking pattern) relies on healthy feet with healthy toes. The ability to spread the toes is huge for balancing even on both feet.

Let your toes breathe

One way to do it is to perform self-massage with your fingers between the toes. Simple? Not really

Or for time management – wear Happy Feet Alignment Socks. Eventually, you will be able to sleep in them while they are working on spreading the toes and waking up underused joints, muscles and bones. Did you know that there are 25 bones, 33 joints and 200 nerves in our feet? Taking care of our feet means taking care of 25% of our body and our gait.

Why Happy Feet Socks? – “Alignment socks help combat the narrow toes boxes of most shoes. They do that by stretching the adductors (muscles that pull the toes together). Stretching the adductors allows the toe abductors (muscles that move the toes apart) to work once again. If you are working on toe spreading (a toe-abductor strengthening exercise) you have to undo years of between-the-toe tension. A little toe exercise is here and there is a drop in the bucket compared to how many thousands of hours you have smashed your toes together.” – REI Katy Bowman, MS.

That is why I love these socks. They allow me to work on toe stretching for hours. I am all about time management and healthy body.

Ready to make changes to your feet – order Happy Feet Socks from Julia 

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