How can I incorporate movements into every day?

I like to read, so I am transitioning from a chair to the floor to use various yoga poses throughout the day instead of planning one hour of yoga practice, for example. The whole premise of this is that I am not able to hold one floor pose for a long time so I will be motivated to change the positions utilizing different muscles and joints while I am reading a book in my house. Here is the pose with legs wide open. I am using props – blankets under my knees and blanket under my sits bones leaning forward from the hips. I was able to sit in this pose for about 20 minutes.

O, yes, I am wearing my Happy Feet Socks – they do an awesome job by opening new pathways between my toes contributing to my healthy feet. Yes, this is how I am able to lift one toe at a time – well it is work in progress.

Stay tuned for the next floor pose or every day movement ideas. Please share yours.