As we set a course for our new year, it is good to reflect on the previous year and set a guiding map for 2015. My curiosity for postural alignment and distributing balanced loads throughout the body has led me to Restorative Exercise Institute founded by Katy Bowman, MS. I am enrolled for 2 years of study of what I love – body movement. Of course, my journey starts with re-aligning my own body, which means changing my old habits and patterns of movement. It is so interesting and exciting to learn new patterns. Well, it is also very challenging! I am literally finding NEW ME. Katy Bowman likes to ask the following questions. Join me in and post your answers. Let’s raise our vibration for SELF-CARE AND NEW YOU in 2015!

What one words would you like to have as your health theme in 2015?
– Alignment
What about your health are you most committed to changing and improving in 2015?
– Posture Alignment
What you looking forward to learning about health in 2015?
– Restorative exercise course and techniques on how to bring my body to a functional alignment
What would you most like to change about your health in 2015?
– Waking up with no tight muscles and do not experience pain in neck and shoulders
What health advice would you like to give to yourself in 2015?
– Pause, Take a Breath and change my vibration
What compliment would you have liked to received but did not?
– Julia – you look confident
What compliment would you have liked to have given but did not?
– You are very kind and generous

What one new health habit would you like to add in 2015?

– Transitioning to sitting on the floor more for reading, watching TV and etc. – experiencing yoga poses as movement in every day movement instead of setting up “special time and environment” for it. Reason is utilizing different muscle groups.

What else do you need to do or say to be complete with 2015?

– Share my message of self-care with many people. Take time to meditate and PLAY!

Great start of 2015! Thank you for your guidance, Katy