Allow the year to unfold for you!!! What does it mean? How can you allow? Do you mean we need to relinquish control? What about New Year Resolutions?

To me, allowing means listening to my heart and to my intuition. Am I staying true to myself – who I am in this moment. Am I acting out of fear or out of love? The things we do out of love, passion, interest, curiosity, fun are from the heart. This is the state of allowing. In this state we are closely aligned with the Universal potential. It means allowing myself to be who I am in this moment. The things I do out of fear are from the mind. They feel forced. When I am feeling stressed, it is a sign that my actions come from fear and an indication that I am not staying true to myself. Does it sound familiar?

How can we transition from the state of fear to the state of love and from forcing life experiences upon us and allowing the life experiences to flow through us? It is a million dollar question. I would appreciate your comments.

A few suggestions:

1. Increase your playful time – what you truly love to do for fun (not your spouse, kids, parents, and society). When we are in the state of playfulness and fun, we connect with our true power within. We are not meeting someone else’s deadlines, expectations and planning reports. We also raise our vibration and alignment with the Universal power.

2. Increase your silent time – if we want to hear our heart and intuition, we need to quiet our “monkey mind”. Choose 5 minutes a day to be in silence – just observe your breath in that moment. The breath is one of the greatest examples of allowing. As we allow our body to breathe naturally (not stressed breathing), we notice the breath can be calm and calming for our mind and body. We do not need to control our breathing flow to feel its functional connection with our nervous system. Can you simply allow your body breathe and let go of control and fear with each breath.

3. Do you remember the time when you had a great vacation on the beach and enjoyed floating on the ocean waves? You did not do anything physically but simply allowed the ocean waves to carry you into the vast ocean. You felt relaxed and caressed by the Sun rays. I bet you felt very content in that moment while flowing. Next time you feel stressed – visualize yourself floating on the ocean waves and maintain this state throughout the year.

4. Have you ever tried to receive a Thai Yoga massage – it is a practice of allowing in action! Try it and see if you can pass the test.

The world will benefit from who you truly are – offering your true talents, potential, emotions, gifts, skills and your happiness! Let’s be true to ourselves in 2015! Believe that you can be paid for being YOU!