Yes, I confess. I am a recovering perfectionist with a Type A personality syndrome. Are you a perfectionist? Are you feeling exhausted meeting your high standards? Are you feeling frustrated and unhappy? Are you trying to control everything and everyone around you because they cannot meet your perfect expectations? I was there. I always felt tense and under pressure of A+ standards that I imposed on myself. What I have learned is when you are aiming for perfect, you are never enough. It is never good enough how you do things. It is never good enough how you look. It is never good enough how you perform and so on. Does it feel familiar to you? NEVER GOOD ENOUGH. It is impossible to achieve a perfect state. As we are aiming for perfect, we are getting more and more stressed.

I was feeling stress in my shoulders, neck and lower back. Someone suggested taking yoga and I did. I enjoyed a physical practice of moving in and out and from pose to pose which fitted my active state of mind. I did not take an advantage of the last pose – lay still pose for over one year. I used to pack my stuff and leave before I had to lay down still. I was living in my head too much driven by my To Do List. I did not know any other way other than staying active. Being still was a torture for me. It did not feel right for my ego to accept.

Through my spiritual yoga journey as I started to give into being still, I learned self-compassion. Learning and applying self-compassion was tough but it freed me up from my state of “never perfect enough”. It was liberating to realize and accept my mistakes and imperfections. I believe that learning self-compassion is one of the most valuable gifts that we can give to ourselves. As I learned to accept my imperfections, I was much more willing to accept other people’s imperfections. I did not need to control them anymore. In yoga, there is a concept that is called Satya or truthfulness, which means acting, feeling, and thinking in accordance with what is true at the moment. I try to stay true to what as in the moment for me. This is always good enough. It is a journey. We are evolving creatures.

Celebrate your imperfections. Learn from your mistakes. Always be compassionate to yourself as a beautiful individual. We are all here to learn. Let’s learn with compassion! Let’s be imperfect with compassion!!!