“Practice Non-doing and everything will fall into place.” – Lao-Tzu, Tao Teaching

“I cannot quiet down my mind.” “I have been meditating for days but I cannot be still.”

Do not worry. You are not alone feeling frustrated and feeling like a failure while meditating. The paradox is that the goal of meditation is not to have a goal!!!! I can hear Type As and goal achievers are screaming at me right now. What? How come there is no goal in the process of doing something. Actually, the meditation is exactly that – NON-DOING! In yoga we practice an art of non-doing through meditation.

Meditation has no goal other than for you to be yourself! The irony is that you already are. Are you relieved or are you more stressed now? That means being yourself with your “crazy racing mind”. We are accustomed to investing a lot of time, effort and work into everything in our life so we approach a meditation in the same way. We always feel like we have to do something in order to get somewhere. There is a lot of power of just being in the moment without adding anything to it. The lesson of the meditation is to point you toward a new way of seeing yourself, one in which you are trying less and being more. Meditation is not about pushing your thoughts away and not about about trying to stop the thoughts as they cascade through the mind. It will only create resistance and make the process of meditation more uncomfortable. When you start your meditation journey, you will experience a lot of awkwardness at first not knowing how to react to what comes and what to do with it. Again, reacting is part of doing. Try not to react but just simply observe.

The meditation should not seem like work! It is just an effortless relaxing into the stillness of being, accepting each moment as it unfolds. Meditating becomes a relaxation into stillness and peace beneath the surface agitations of your mind. It is as easy as seeing and letting go, seeing and letting go, seeing and letting go. It is your willingness to pay attention and let go from moment to moment. I can compare meditating to floating in the ocean. You are just being there! You are accepting and allowing.

What has your experience of meditation been? Please share your comments!