My Gratitude to my Teachers

Lately I have been fascinated by the anatomical nuances of the body and how “little adjustments” can alter one’s experience of the yoga pose. This fascination has been derived from reading Doug Keller’s articles in the Yoga Journal. I was fortunate to attend Yoga As Therapy training with Doug Keller. His yoga journey includes fourteen years of practicing in Sidha Yoga ashrams and lots of other studies. I learned a great deal about postural misalignment and how it may affect one’s body. My exploration of yoga poses has taken a new turn of adding body’s anatomical adjustments to give strength and therapeutical support to the pose. I feel as I have established a new relationship between my body and yoga to experience different levels of vibrational energy.

Next time you are in a Mountain pose, try this trick – press the big toe mounds toward each other to feel front hip pointers draw toward each other activating the core; move heels toward each other and notice how sit bones move toward each other as well closing the pelvic floor. This is an organic connection between different parts of the body that adds a holistic touch to yoga experience. I highly recommend reading Yoga As Therapy Volume 1 and 2 by Doug Keller. Great work.

Yoga As Therapy Training