My Gratitude to My Teachers

I attended the second level of Thai Yoga Massage training with Anthony Conrad at OM yoga studio. Anthony started his yoga journey at Kripalu Center in 1986. I enjoyed Anthony’s teachings that he shared with us every morning. Anthony always emphasized that “the most important job is to take care of ourselves. Our practice is to relax.” It is such a simple teaching but the most difficult to implement. If we can only learn how to relax and how to let go of something that does not serve us any longer, we will be free – free of self-limiting tendencies of the mind. Do we even know what it feel like to have free (non-attached) mind? Offering Thai Yoga Massage is all about balancing the energy, moving organically with the breath flow for the benefit of the giver and receiver and being in the present moment. It is a process of implementing three main steps Pause Breath Re-Connect! It is all about applying a principle of METTA (loving kindness). Therefore, if it feels good to me (the giver), it feels good to the receiver. This is an interesting form of massage that I enjoy giving as well as receiving. Loving kindness starts with ourselves. I hold myself in compassion and loving kindness. If we perform from the place of Metta, everyone benefits. In conclusion, Anthony was telling a story and in the story, the guru was asked: “How do you know if you are advanced in yoga practice?”, the guru said: “How long do you hold on to things?” How quickly can you drop your attachment to anything? How much is your peace of mind worth? Visit