My Yoga Adventure in Paris


While I was on my European vacation and wandering around Paris, I came across a sign about yoga posted at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. The sign was in French and the only translation I was able to make – September 1st, which was the next day. I was intrigued! I piqued through the windows of the Palais and saw thousands of yellow mats laying on the floor and some people were still working at 8pm in the evening. My curiosity took over me!

imageI am a yoga teacher in Dayton, OH. Therefore, it was thrilling for me to see a yoga-related event in a different country. At the same time, my husband and I only had three days in Paris and September 1st would be our second day.

I was intrigued! I was curious! I was thrilled!

I saw two women talking outside. I approached them to find out about the event. They were French but could speak English. They told me about the White Tour Yoga for Peace organized by Lolë but the event was sold out to 4,000 people. They told me: “We really want to help you to attend the event, just a moment…..” One woman went inside the building. I was waiting and waiting! At that moment, I already felt being a part of the yoga community in a foreign country. They wanted to help without knowing me. She came back and said that the only way to try would be coming at 9am the next day and stay in line with a hope of getting inside. The event was scheduled to start at 12pm. They also told me to register on the Lolë’s Facebook page, which I


Thankfully, my husband, who does not practice yoga, was very supportive about my yoga adventure in Paris. I had to buy white yoga clothes for the event, set my alarm for 7am and went to bed with a dream of sharing yoga with 4,000 people at Grand Palais in Paris on September 1st. The next day, I was refreshed, excited, and hopeful! We took a 30 minute walk along Champs-Elysees to Grand Palais. To our surprise, there were ten people already in line at 9am. The line was growing pretty quickly. By 10am, the entire building was wrapped around with hundreds of people wearing white clothes. It was a chilly morning but everybody was smiling. I could feel positive energy from everyone.

imageThe event organizers started to let people in around 11am. Yes, Yes, Yes, they finally let me in. I walked into the spacious, gorgeous building with a magnificent glass-domed roof. The sun was shining though the glass roof, caressing my face and bringing a smile to my face. I had a warm welcome. My heart was filled with exuberating joy.

Two yoga teachers – Colleen Saidman Yee, USA and Grace Dubery, Canada opened the event with three OM. Can you imagine four thousand people singing OM… in this beautiful building with a high ceiling and fantastic acoustics? Listen to the final OM –

The two-hour session was accompanied by the gentle melodies of the string musicians from the Opera de Paris. It was exhilarating!

The Lolë White Tour united four thousand people, all dressed in white, for an emotionally uplifting yoga session dedicated to peace; a moment of calm, sharing and serenity.

I was thankful to be part of this uplifting and invigorating yoga session shared with four thousand people flowing together united, happy, peaceful, and hopeful. I felt Santosha – Contentment! As Patanjali writes in Yoga Sutra 2:42 – “Contentment brings unsurpassed joy.” At that moment, I experienced “unsurpassed joy”!

imageFeel free to open this link and watch a two-minute video.