Stand Up for Yourself

156We notice right away when someone who we care for abandons us. What we fail to notice often is when we abandon our own selves. We use negative self-talk and decide that we are not worthy of great health, abundance, happiness, love, luck, fun and great opportunities. By doing so, we turn against our own souls and poison our own hearts.

We might self-attack if we do not like how we look or how we should look. We may forget self-care if we do not like who we are. We set high and sometimes unrealistic goals and expectations just to shake up our confidence level and confirm our unworthiness.

Let 2014 be the year when you stand up for yourself. Leave your limited beliefs in 2013 – they do not serve you! Celebrate your own presence in life every day. Smile to your heart, send good wishes to your heart and feel your heart beat. Do not be hard on yourself and embrace your imperfections!

Yes, sometimes we are not perfect, but it only adds more of a unique value and stamina to who we are. Be a good ally to your own heart and soul.

Stand Up Tall for Yourself and notice what life will unfold for you. Be ready for your new YOU – brilliant, talented, beautiful, smart and fabulous…not just some days, but every day!!!!!

Join me on the journey to a NEW YOU!




Julia Lamm is the owner of Mobile Wellness, which brings wellness to you! Julia discovered yoga beyond its physical practice which has led her to a personal transformation.

She received her RYT-200 certification in September 2012. “Yoga practice has taught me to be more present.”

Julia teaches yoga for relaxation at yoga studios,wellness and fitness centers, assisted livings, businesses, and private homes.

Julia resides in Springboro. She has a BS degree in business from Niagara University and MS in Organizational Communication from Canisius College, Buffalo, NY. She has had various jobs but her passion is promoting wellness through yoga and healthy eating.

You may contact Julia at or 937-286-2624