Personalized Movement For You
is where the idea of a group class and fitness studio is redefined

Here the focus is on YOU

Restorative Exercise Specialist – Personal Trainer with Nutritious Movement

Teaching micronutrient movement correctives and assisting others
in transitioning to a more nutritious movement lifestyle


You have one body on your life journey. Learning to use it effectively, respectfully and optimally is the best gift you can give to your body.

In our sessions, you will receive empowering tools to create an environment for positive changes and self-healing within your body.

I help you evaluate your movement patterns, use alignment markers as a tool to determine function and corrective exercises to enhance movement pattern efficiency that will:

-Minimize wear & tear on fragile joints
– Reduce a risk for injury in every day and fitness activities
– Empower you with better body awareness
– Restore alignment markers to optimize postural body positioning  for every day activities
– Enhance mobility & stability for better performance
– Tune up “ancient” yoga poses to a modern sedentary body for a safer & more therapeutic practice

 Are you motivated, positive and open for change?



We will partner in the boutique studio with in the atmosphere that:

Encourages curiosity, creativity and body awareness

Inspires education, movement exploration and self-care practices

It is not about finding extra time, it’s about planting an intention to use the time that you already have in some novel and effective ways that help you nourish your body leading to blooming potential of movement and feeling well.

Julia Lamm blends fitness, yoga, alignment awareness, corrective exercises, functional movement, self-massage and relaxation techniques to help you minimize discomfort, improve postural alignment, and restore functional patterns.

Restorative Exercises – corrective exercise program for restoring body’s alignment developed by Katy Bowman 
– Yoga Tune Up – whole body conscious fitness program founded by Jill Miller
– Functional Movement Screen – screen to evaluate movement baseline created by Gray Cook

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Imagine feeling well, productive and empowered achieving your fitness goals and maximizing your movement potential under personalized guidance. Your personalized coach will know your name, your needs and your goals to provide you with a customized plan with just the right amount of work to initiate a positive change! She will offer you creative price options and packages. LEARN MORE


Imagine your spine lengthening, your hips opening, your shoulders releasing, all without you doing a thing. If you want body work that will exercise you, relax you, and promote healing, give Thai Yoga Body Work a try.LEARN MORE


Imagine leaving our workshops equipped with the tools that you can start using right away to feel well and move well. In our informative workshops, you will learn about alignment as an evaluation tool for enhanced movement, self-massaging and relaxation techniques, and core stability. LEARN MORE


Julia’s clients love her!  LEARN MORE

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